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Our Story

The brand “Roses Only” in New York was launched over 20 years ago by Dutch immigrants Jan and Janny Ooms. Prior to launching Roses Only in New York, Jan and Janny had worked extensively on the import side of the business.

Following the tremendous success that they experienced with Roses Only, Jan and Janny launched their own florist in New York, Roses and Blooms, and were one of the first businesses to launch online ordering, which helped them grow to one of the premier florists in the city.  

Unbeknownst to Jan and Janny, on the other side of the world in Australia, another Roses Only was beginning to experience tremendous success. In 1995, James Stevens launched what was to become one of the world’s most iconic rose brands. Synonymous with the world’s finest long stem roses, Roses Only in Australia was to grow to become a global brand, with operations in Singapore and London.

Now 20 years on, the original founders of the first Roses Only brand in New York Jan and Janny have combined forces with the Global Roses Only founder and Director James Stevens to help bring New York the world’s most luxurious rose brand.

Roses Only New York represents the arrival and revival of one of the world’s most iconic rose brands. Combining the world’s finest, hand-picked, long stem roses with the signature Roses Only box, New York is set to become the first US city to experience all that the Roses Only brand stands for.

Nothing says I love you like a dozen of the world’s finest long stem roses presented in the signature Roses Only packaging. When only the best is good enough, Roses Only delivers.

Delivering love since 1995 – Roses Only.


The Rose Connoisseurs

Rob Huxley - Chief Executive

Rob Huxley is an Australian now residing in New York where he is overseeing the expansion of Roses Only into the US market.

With an eye for detail and a passion for global brands, Rob is poised to help Roses Only expand into the US market, and he is excited about the possibilities that New York represents. With several years’ experience in media and marketing, Rob plans to help grow the brand across the wider continental USA once New York has had the chance to experience the world’s finest long stem roses hand delivered in the iconic Roses Only signature box.


James Stevens - Founder & Director

A son of migrant Greek parents, James had a humble beginning having worked throughout his school life in the family small business; a florist established in Town Hall Station, Sydney Australia. From the age of five, James accompanied his father at the markets buying flowers.
In the early 1990s James identified an opportunity with roses and began to look at business opportunities online and away from shopfronts. It was here Roses Only was born.

James’ ambition was to build a beautiful consumer brand known for quality. James describes Roses Only as “the Tiffany’s of flowers”. "You can buy jewellery or you can buy jewellery from Tiffany's. You buy diamonds or you can buy De Beers' diamonds," explains James. "Roses Only is the luxury brand in roses. Our customers are discerning and they trust us to source the best roses available from around the world, handpicked, packaged beautifully and hand delivered with care."

The quest for quality including the longest stems and biggest heads led the company to start importing product from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya due to roses being seasonal in Australia. Total quality control was paramount for James. His attention to detail in business ensured that no customer was ever disappointed.

The discerning eye for quality and relentless search for only the best was the foundations for Roses Only UK, which was established in London in 2004. And while there may be many imposters around the world – nothing beats the original Roses Only with its humble beginnings back in Sydney, Australia.


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