The Best Flowers To Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Mother Nature has given us the gift of flowers to help us express what we feel at the moment - no wonder they've become a staple decor for everyone around the world. 

Floral decoration has become a tradition for celebrating the happiest moments of life, especially during this season of giving. People can already feel the Christmas spirit by simply decorating their homes with the right flowers. 

There are so many vibrant flowers to choose from and it’s impossible to choose just one. Here are some of the best flowers to decorate your home this Christmas compiled by Roses Only.

Red Bloom


They're instantly recognizable with their pointed, bright, red and velvety leaves. poinsettias have become a definitive Christmas flower.

A Mexican legend tells the story of a poor girl who gave Jesus a bouquet of weeds out of love. The weeds were transformed into this bright red flower we call poinsettia today.

This bloom has become a symbol of renewal and it’s a perfect decoration to add warmth in any room in your home.

Christmas book


Pucker up and get ready to snag a kiss from that special someone standing beneath the mistletoe in your home. Show your affection to your partner, your kids, your grandparents, or any of your favorite guests. You can hang the flower above the doorway so you can give your loved ones a sweet kiss every time they’ll be away and every time they come back home safely. 

Mistletoe is a symbol of love, peace, and goodwill. Make the people around you feel the warmth of your love this Christmas season with this meaningful flower decor.


Roses have always been a symbol of love since the Victorian era. This timeless classic can be given as a gift to a loved one or be used to decorate your home this Christmas.

Box of Red Roses and Godiva

Red Roses Gift Box and Gold Godiva Chocolates

Roses are symbols of passion while chocolates represent commitment. They’ll surely make your Christmas more meaningful. Together, they also make a good photo on Instagram!

If you want to put more effort into creativity, but don't have enough time - you can start with something simple. Single long-stemmed roses in a tall wine or soda bottle draw attention and will almost fit any surrounding. These bottles can be either similar or different in shape and color - they'll all look nice!

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Red Cherry


Decking the halls with boughs of holly may sound cliche because of the Christmas song, but the tradition of displaying your halls with the tree's branches is still and always will be wonderful. The tree’s Holly helps you feel the Christmas spirit. It’s a symbol of eternal life and fertility. 

Holly is most recognized for its berries and pointed leaves. It also has a deeper meaning with the Christian's primary symbol for Christmas - Jesus Christ. The red berries represent the blood Jesus shed on the cross and the pointed leaves emblem the crown of thorns he was wearing when he was crucified.

Red Lilies


Lilies come in different festive colors and patterns. They are popularly known as symbols for humility. This flower gives us a reminder to humble ourselves this season of giving. Because when we’re humble, we learn to appreciate the most important things around us.

This elegant star-shaped bloom is also perfect for decorating your Christmas tree at home. It can uplift the ambiance of your home on a whole new level.

Which flower combination do you think will help you decorate your home this Christmas?