The 8 Best Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas

It is so easy to get caught up in your own busy schedule that you forget to organise a gift in time for the birthday of a loved one. 

Forgetting important dates happens to the best of us but luckily there are so many great options for a last minute gift purchase. So sit back, relax, and have a scroll through this list of our top 8 gift ideas to get some inspiration. We have your back!


  • A Bouquet of Birthday Roses Delivered
  • Bunch of Red Roses

  • A sophisticated flower, roses are suitable for any occasion where you want to make sure the recipient feels loved and appreciated. One of the greatest things about roses is the variety of colours they come in, depending on the season. Consider red roses for your significant other or bright pink roses to brighten the lucky birthday person’s day.

    If you’ve really left it last minute, make the most of our same-day delivery services! Leave the hard work to us - We’ll help you make their day.

  • A Delicious Dinner

  • Delicious pizza with one piece being removed by a hand

    Pulling together a birthday dinner last minute can be made super simple thanks to online delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash. You could order the special birthday person a delicious surprise to their front door or send them a voucher for their favourite restaurant so they can go out for dinner at their earliest convenience.

    Think along the lines of a fancy pizza parlour, the best local Mexican restaurant or a delicious spread of Thai food. There’s no better excuse to treat your friend or loved one to a delicious meal than on their birthday - Plus, it takes minimum effort which is perfect for a last minute gift option. 

  • A Last Minute Bottle of Bubbly

    Two glasses of champagne in front of ocean view

    There’s no classier way to celebrate a birthday than with a bottle of champagne on the table. Popping the bottle in itself brings an element of surprise to any birthday party. There are so many different types of champagne to choose from, but rest assured that no matter which one you pick, it will bring a whole lot of style and class with it. 

    To go the extra mile, you can always pair a bottle of champagne with a bouquet of red roses, and you’ve seriously aced it. They won’t have a clue that you organised it last minute!


  • A Box of Chocolates Delivered

    Box of Delicious Chocolates

    As Forrest Gump put it best, life is like a box of chocolates - so let your loved ones celebrate another year of life with a delicious box! Chocolates are the perfect last-minute gift because you can find a box of the sweet delicacies in nearly any store. To make the birthday person feel extra special, consider hunting for a boutique chocolate brand.

    Think their birthday celebrations are deserving of more than just a box of delicious chocolates? Build a gift box with flowers and chocolate to go the extra mile in reminding them how much you care.

  • An Adrenalin Filled Adventure Voucher

    Man Bungee Jumping over light blue river

    Give a gift they won’t forget - Skydiving, sailing, horseback riding… anything that gets their heart racing will set your gift above the rest. Adrenaline is an awesome site that has plenty of adrenalin-filled adventures to choose from and is super easy to purchase gift certificates from. They also offer the luxury of 5 years of validity on vouchers, so the birthday person doesn’t have to rush to use the voucher if they’ve got big plans and a busy schedule.

    With so many experiences to choose from, it goes without saying that it might be fun to consider booking an activity you could do together. Celebrate their birthday and have fun while you’re at it!


  • A Spa Experience

    Lady in bath looking at white rock scenery

    If adventures aren’t quite their style, give them an excuse to relax for their special day. If you’ve got a bit of time to spare before the big day, consider sending a relaxation hamper, or if it’s a bit more last-minute, book in a spa appointment for them and a friend.

    There is something so special about the kind gesture of being encouraged to relax and there is no better time to remind your friends to do so than on their birthday. 

  • A Decorative Candle

    6 small coloured candles plus one big candle being lit with leaves in background

    Candles are a clever long-lasting gift, allowing the lucky recipient to feel your warmth every time they’re lit. Match the scent to their personality, with a light floral scent for the bubbly and caring friend, or a heavy fruit scent for your warm lover. If you’re not quite sure which scent they’d like, consider choosing one of the top-selling scents. Yankee Candles are super popular - and you can’t go wrong with a crowd pleaser!

    Pair this easy last-minute gift with some stunning flowers, such as a bouquet of pink roses to help the birthday person decorate their place in celebration. 


    A Cuddly Bear

  • Two light brown teddy bears lying down on a white surface

  • If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s the value of a good cuddle. If life is getting in the way of you being able to give a good birthday cuddle, a teddy bear is a sweet sentiment to meet them in the middle. A beautiful reminder of your unconditional love and your ongoing companionship with the lucky recipient. You are never too old to cuddle a teddy bear!

    One of the most beautiful things about a teddy bear is the fact that they are everlasting. If you’re feeling extra generous, pair the cutie with a bunch of roses to provide long-lasting beauty.

    Don’t panic if you’ve left your birthday gifting to the last minute - start with a beautiful bunch of beautiful red roses.