Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, give the perfect gift. Your mum, your wife, your sister, aunt, grandma. They’ll love roses.

Mums are like roses.

The stem represents their strength. The petals embody their vulnerability. The leaves portray their arms outstretched, always open.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Add more sweetness to your surprise by adding a mouthwatering box of Godiva chocolates to your blooms. Make your mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day!

Here are the top 10 mother’s day gift ideas.

1. Give Your Mum Pink Roses

There’s a reason why pink roses are the most popular. Pink is the traditional color for Unique Mother’s Day Gift ideas.

Through the years, pink roses became known as the “Thank You” flower. It could also be the reason why there’s a “Thankful” reaction on Facebook!

The most widely accepted symbolism of pink roses are grace and gentility. They also symbolise feminine virtues like sweetness, grace, charm and elegance.

Giving pink roses denotes that the person receiving it is a pleasure to behold. And mums are the most deserving people to be given these roses.

2. Red Roses Make Grandma Feel Young

Red roses are known as the ultimate expression for love. Aside from beauty and passion, red roses also convey courage.

Grandmas love showing their feelings through tough love. Strong and fierce is how most grandmas do it, and they protect their grandchildren fiercely!

Giving your grandma red roses will take them back to the good old days when suitors are flocking over.

Do everything you can to make your grandma smile. Not everyone gets the chance to see that beautiful smile.

Red Roses Make Grandma Feel Young

3. Pastel Pink

Pink is the traditional color for Mother’s Day. Pink roses symbolise feminine virtues like sweetness, grace, charm and elegance.

Pastel pink roses is a wonderful appreciation gift for your mum, your wife, your aunt, and your grandma. Our pastel pink roses also convey admiration and gratitude which makes it a versatile gift for anyone special in your life.

Your roses will be delivered by our courier packed with care. Let us help you express how much you appreciate the mothers in your life with the perfect mother’s day gift!

Pastel Pink Roses

4. Bright Pink

Every pink rose shares the qualities of sweetness, femininity, elegance and refinement mothers embody. But they can differ in meaning when it comes to the shade of their pink. The brighter the shade of the pink rose, the deeper the giver is conveying their gratitude.

Giving bright pink roses indicates that the person receiving it is a pleasure to behold.

Your roses will arrive by a courier packed with care. Go say “Thank you” to your mum in a unique way!

Bright Pink Roses

5. Pastel Mixed

They say that two is better than one. You can give your mum this Mother’s Day a box of pastel mixed roses which comes in a delicate combination of equally divided white roses and pastel pink roses in every box.

White roses exemplify purity, perfection, and reverence. While pink pastel roses represent grace, gentility, and sweetness. The combination of the two colours create an elegant bouquet that is both visually appealing and meaningful.

Because it shows that the giver deeply appreciates their mother’s sweetness. Let’s double the surprise for your mum!

6. Chocolates and Roses

Roses and chocolates make a good Mother’s Day gift.
Chocolates are not only known for its sweetness, but it is also a symbol of love and commitment.

And mothers make the bravest commitments.

This mother’s day, celebrate your mother’s love, commitment, and sacrifices that she gave you with quality chocolates that perfectly represents her quality love.

A box of Godiva’s mouth-watering assorted chocolates made from the finest cocoa from Belgium along with a box of pink roses would really make a good gift to celebrate your mother.

36 Pastel Pink Roses Godiva Chocolate

7. Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses represent friendship. Mothers are the best friends you would ever need at whatever season of your life you are at. She plays games with you when you are a child. She gives you love advice when you are a teenager. She gives you career, marriage, and parenting advice as you grow into an adult. A piece of single love advice from your mum is a million times better than love advice from hundreds of books.
This Mother’s Day, you can give your mum our long-stemmed yellow roses to represent your friendship that is always bright and honest.

Roses Only can help you celebrate your friendship with your mum this Mother’s Day!

Yellow Roses

8. Mauve Roses

The lavender shade of a mauve rose is extremely rare to find. Similar to the roses’ colour, a mother’s love is just as rare. When someone becomes a mother, she will realize that there is such a thing as love at first sight. This Mother’s Day, celebrate the very unique love that your mother showed you. The same love that she displayed as she laid her eyes on you for the first time.

Surprise your mum with the long-stemmed mauve roses from Roses Only that are carefully handpicked from the Ecuadorian mountains.

Mauve Roses

9. Infinity Roses

Roses Only Infinity Roses are real, handpicked roses that will last for at least one year!
Our roses are cut at their most perfect state and specially treated with our eco-friendly solution which allows them to transform into long-lasting roses that maintain their freshness and structure.
The outcome is that our roses magically continue to look and feel like real roses — because they are real — with the difference being that they will maintain their beauty and colour for at least a year, like a mothers love, it is enduring and endless.

10. Last-Minute Gift, But Still Perfect

Last minute mother’s day gift ideas? If you’re busy at work and running late to see your Mum, roses never seem last-minute.

You can shop roses online we’ll deliver it directly to the special mothers in your life, offering Same Day Roses delivery in London. Add a special long-stem vase or any of our chocolate selections and it would be special, sweet and gorgeous, whether you ordered early or cut it a bit close! Together, we’ll make them smile.