Love Note 101: Tips To Help You Write The Perfect Love Note

Writing a love note is a forgotten art of love language. We live in a world full of disposable social media messages and texts. And this practice is slowly dying.

It’s a lot more romantic nowadays to occasionally send your partner a handwritten love letter. The kind of thing that can be kept and then found again 20 years from now with your children.

Love Note Day aims to bring back that sentimentality between couples. Put all your feelings onto paper and start making memories with your partner!

Looking for inspiration? Check out the best love notes of all time to help you get started. Here are some tips to help you write the perfect love note:

Say It’s A Love Note

You want your partner to know right away that they’re reading a love letter, not a note voicing any displeasure in your relationship.

You can start with something like, "I can still remember the first time you asked me out." or "I am currently sitting here writing you this letter while looking at your lovely face fast asleep in our bed."

Always remember to make it clear in the first sentence. Don't make your partner second guess!

Recall Your Special Moments Together

Remember the moments you've shared together. The ones you've laughed the longest and cried the hardest. Browse your pictures in your social media or photo album to give you a trip down memory lane.

What are the memories you want your partner to remember? You can even print a particularly good picture and include it in the love note!

Write As If It’s Your Last Day

One of the most sincere love notes are the ones written by soldiers sent away to assignments, or historically, to the battlefront. They have no assurance if they would get to see their family again, so they write like there's no tomorrow.

Check out this love note by Suvillan Ballou. He wrote this letter to his wife a week before Bull Run, the battle where he was killed in action.

You don’t have to literally wait for your last day before you start writing to your partner! But by simply writing in this state of mind, you’ll be able to bring out all your honesty from within.

What You Love About Your Partner

Get a separate sheet of paper and think of your partner's physical features, their character, and their personality. Then turn those things into sentences. Be as specific as possible!

"I love the feeling when our hands touch and clasp. And as I get closer to you, I get to hear your soothing voice closer to my ears. I love your laugh and your ability to find fun in all situations."

Tell How Much Your Partner Has Changed You

Let your partner know how much value they've added to your life. They may not feel they’re doing anything. But if you think they’re the reason behind your current maturity, then let them know.

"You drove my ego and insecurity away. You took away my pride and turned it into compassion."

Surprise Them With Roses

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