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International Women's Day

This international women’s day celebrate #eachforequal with Roses Only. Acknowledge women's achievements and raise awareness of gender bias as we strive for an equal world. #Eachforequal is recognising the power, we as individuals have to change our actions, behaviours, conversations and mindsets to force societal change. 

Giving flowers on international women’s day became popular in 1946 when Italian feminists picked mimosa flowers as a symbol of strength, sensibility and sensitivity. This has since evolved and women are now on the forefront fighting for gender equality and gifting flowers to one another. 

Send purple roses to an inspiring woman in your life to let her know she is appreciated, hardworking, energetic, loved or respected. Acknowledge family, friends or colleagues with a box of 24 beautiful purple long-stemmed roses.

Women are more than just their outward appearance to highlight this here are some qualities of women who inspire us each day 

Elle Macpherson 
Passionate, Hardworking, devoted

Greta Thunberg 
Driven, passionate, persistent 

Mala Yousafzai 
brave, well-spoken, intelligent 

Kylie Jenner
Hardworking, successful, unapologetic  

Michelle Obama 
Compassionate, self-aware, resilient  

Sheryl Sandberg 
Empowered, self-assured, Passionate

JK Rowling 
Creative, Intelligent, grounded 

Caring, empathetic, strong, hardworking, resilient, persistent, humble 

#EachforEqual encourages us to look beyond gender bias and recognise the importance of an equal world for all. Not only should we recognise special women in our lives we should acknowledge our strongest allies, the men who lift women up, who stand by our side, who defeat gender bias, who fight for #EachforEqual. Celebrate international women’s day by sending flowers to the special women or allies in your life who deserve recognition and appreciation.

Happy Holidays & New Year from the Team at Mr Roses!

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