How to Celebrate Your Birthday Like a Celebrity

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Celebrating a birthday is a great excuse to spend time with friends and family, assess the year that has passed, and eat lots and lots of cake. What’s even better than that, of course, is being showered with beautiful gifts, like champagne, jewellery and red roses.

But as with most things, celebrities do birthdays in the most extravagant way, from exotic getaways to new cars, to gorgeous flowers filling entire rooms. It’s rumoured that Drake gifted Jennifer Lopez with a necklace worth over $100,000, whilst Tyga gave Kylie Jenner a Lamborghini valued at $320,000. Some reported gifts are a little less desirable however, like the ones Jared Leto gave his Suicide Squad co-stars while in character playing The Joker. Will Smith received a bag of bullets, and Margot Robbie was presented with a rat. I wonder if Leto has ever hear of chocolates or roses?!

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Reading about how the rich and famous spend their birthdays doesn’t mean your spouse/friend/family member’s birthday shouldn’t be a fabulous celebration (one that you can afford, anyway). Here are some ideas that fit a range of budgets, and will make your special someone (or yourself)  feel extra spoilt:

Plan an intimate dinner

A special birthday dinner doesn’t have to cost a fortune if the setting is right. If you can’t afford to hire a space or eat at a fancy restaurant, decorate a space in your house and fill it with candles. Copy your favourite Pinterest table setting, invest in a good bottle of wine and wear that cocktail dress you’ve been saving. Tell your guests to dress accordingly and before they arrive, create a thematic playlist of tunes to set the mood.

Do some research and make your loved one a personalised birthday book

Look up what happened on the day they were born, who was president and what the number one song was. Find a newspaper clipping from that day and compare it to one on their current birthday. Put a bunch of your favourite pictures into a scrapbook with a heartfelt message.

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Plan something unique that’s based around your loved one’s interests

There’s no point taking your best friend on a picnic if they hate the outdoors, and it’s an even worse idea to throw a party for someone who hates surprises. If your friend is an introvert, why not take them to a quiet cafe for breakfast, followed by a play at a local theatre. If your girlfriend loves attention, why not book out a space at her favourite restaurant, invite all of her friends and pack the room with bouquets from a florist in New York. What you want on your birthday may not be what someone else wants, so be sure to make the day about the person you’re celebrating.

Plan a surprise party

This certainly isn’t for everyone, but surprising a loved one can be a fabulous way to spoil someone. The always graceful Amal Clooney threw a killer bash for her husband George Clooney, even with two babies at home! Choose a theme, invite friends, arrange some food and you’re almost done. If your friend likes purple, go all the way by ordering a purple cake, decorating with purple balloons and presenting them with a bunch of purple roses.You don’t have to go overboard to plan a personalised party, and if you’re short on cash, why not ask some other friends to chip in?

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Write your loved one a letter filled with memories

As much as we all love to receive gifts, receiving a heartfelt card from a friend can be the highlight of a birthday. Ask your friends to include their memories too, and messages explaining why they’re grateful to have this person in their lives.  

Throw a lavish dinner, on the cheap

Okay, so you can’t afford to go full Adam Sandler by buying each of your friends Maseratis, but you can plan your own dinner that feels just as classy. Create your own Pinterest board with your favourite table settings, cake designs and canapes, and then find them for half the price on Ebay or at your local thrift store (this may be a challenge, but imagine how much fun it will be to run around thrift stores with your nearest and dearest!). If you’re planning last minute, you can always order roses, too.

Make some homemade vouchers

Another good option if you’re low on cash is to make vouchers for your friend to ‘redeem.’ The vouchers could be for things like massages, a lift to the airport to catch an early flight, a homemade dinner, or the use of your car. These can be cute, creative and very valuable, and will enable you to save some money in the process.

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Copy a celebrity’s birthday, on a budget

There are plenty of online accounts of celebrity birthday bashes, like Jessica Alba’s pajama party for hubbie Cash Warren, or Jennifer Hudson’s food fight bash for her son’s special day. Pick your favourite celebrity, find out how they spent their birthday, and recreate it to fit your budget. If you want to party like royalty, throw on a plastic crown and let the champagne flow.

Invest, in yourself

Take some time to think about what you really want, both in terms of birthday celebrations, and in terms of the year ahead. Commit to taking that dance lesson, telling that co-worker how you feel, reconnecting with old friends or quitting your job to travel the world. Celebrities have the money and resources to pursue the things they love, but making a plan for the future won’t cost you a thing. Treat yourself to an indulgent day, and plan for a fulfilling future.

Celebrating like a celebrity isn’t about having a large budget and hundreds of famous friends, it’s about planning a personalised, special day, that enables you to do exactly what you want with precisely who you want, or showing a friend how much you care. Each year, it should give you a chance to think about your relationships and how you’ve grown over the last twelve months, but most of all, to party as if it were your last birthday on earth!