Celebrate Your International Kissing Day With A Twist!

International kissing day

It’s time to get yourselves some lip balm and mint because International Kissing Day is here! It’s all about celebrating - kissing. This sweet gesture is an art that should definitely be celebrated!

It’s time to be creative! Surprise your partner and loved ones in the US not just with kisses, but also with roses to make the moment more meaningful.

A Kiss Is Just The Same As A Rose!

They both build relationships!

A rose, without a doubt, is the most popular flower of all time since the Victorian era. Giving roses is timeless and versatile for any occasion. And kissing has been an act of love for as long as we can remember! These are both gestures for romantic and platonic relationships.

These two timeless practices have always served a single purpose: putting two hearts closer to each other. Whether you’re the one who initiates the kiss or the one who receives the sweet gesture, you will always feel you’re getting closer with your loved ones.

Fun Facts About Kissing

Here are some fun facts about kissing you might like. Check out the infographic below. You’ll appreciate International Kissing Day even more!

Celebrate International Kissing Day With Roses Only

International Kissing Day started in 2006 to celebrate on kissing between lovers, family, and friends.

How do we celebrate International Kissing Day? Simple! Giving a good morning kiss, greeting your friends with a kiss on the cheek, going for a kiss on the forehead, and so much more. There are millions of ways you can deliver a kiss to those you care about!

Roses Only can also help you add more spice to this sweet gesture. By combining a sweet kiss with a gorgeous box of roses! Here are some floral ideas to help you celebrate International Kissing Day with us!

Passionate Red Rose For Your Partner

Red roses are the epitome of love! They symbolize beauty, sensuality, and passion. So why not give your partner red roses in our signature box before you give them a sweet little kiss. No one can resist that!

Pink Roses For Your Mum (Or Mother Figure)

Who said you can’t kiss your mom on International Kissing Day? Every mom deserves to be kissed by their children no matter how old they are. We should never stop appreciating these superheroes. Give them pink roses gift box from Roses Only followed by a kiss!

White Roses For Your Undying Loyalty

White roses symbolize purity. These blooms also remind the giver (and the recipient) that this flower is easily tainted and must be taken care of (just like every relationship). This International Kissing Day, show your partner that you make yourself worthy of them. Give them a classic roses gift box from Roses Only!

The Power Of Two!

They say that two is better than one. A sweet gesture of giving a kiss to a loved one is even more powerful when backed up with a bouquet that will make the moment memorable!

International Kissing Day is another time for you to show your appreciation to your loved ones in the US. Spend quality time with them and keep building memories. Surprise them with blooms from Roses Only and go for a quick, sweet kiss!

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