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Flower Delivery in SoHo

Roses Only does not just want your recipient to be happy. We also want the giver to feel the same joy as well!Send your loved ones in SoHo the freshest blooms in the most convenient ways possible! Simply enter your postcode as you check out your order. Our team of florists and logistics will give your recipient the blooms that she deserves!You c...

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SoHo stands for “South of Houston.” It is a shopping paradise full of high-end boutiques, recommendable pop-up shops, and street vendors selling a wide range of assorted products (sunglasses, handbags, and shoes)!  

But SoHo isn’t just a place for shopping! The borough also has a lot of art galleries that made this place art-famous way back in the 1970s and 1980s. These works are all in Chelsea and Lower East Side.

Some of the most notable landmarks here in SoHo are Housing Works Used Book Cafe, St. Patrick's Old Cathedral, and SoHo Sanctuary. Take your loved ones here and make memories with them!

Go shopping, check out the finest art collection, explore the best spots in this place, and don’t forget to surprise them with a box of blooms from Roses Only!

The Flower of SoHo: 

Flower bombing happened in Soho a few years ago. A team of florists has been leaving giant bouquets around SoHo in places that you least expect!

You'll see a car full of flowers, statues wrapped up with floral arrangements, and even public trash cans decorated with flowers (without the trash of course)! For a few days, this city was filled with vibrancy because of this flower bombing. SoHo proved that any place can be made elegant when decorated with right flowers!

Similarly speaking, our blooms from Roses Only do not only decorate the place's ambiance. Our box of roses is also capable of flower bombing the hearts of your recipients! You'll see them smile everywhere they go because of our blooms would always reach their feelings! 

Happy Holidays & New Year from the Team at Mr Roses!

Our store is closed from 24 December - 26 December and 31 December - 2 January. Deliveries resume on 27 December - 30 December, and then back again on 3 January 2022.

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